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Home Security

Everyone likes to keep their family and valuables
safe,but did you know that in the state of Oklahoma
a burglary happens every 15 minutes, 78% of those
happen in homes. In 2008 OSBI reported that theft
was the largest reported crime in the state. Most of
those could have been avoided with the proper
security in place. At Don's we want to help protect you
and your family so that you don't become one of those statistics.

  • We can install deadbolt locks.
  • We can help reinforce your door frame to protect against forced entry.
  • We can install high security locks to protect against Picking and Bumping,as well as
    providing you with key control.
  • We can re-key your locks to allow you the security of knowing where all your keys are.
  • We can install peep holes, door scopes, or front door camera systems, so you can see
    who is at the door before you open it.
  • We can install a CCTV system, so you can catch anyone sneaking around your property.
  • We sell and install safes of all types and sizes. We can find something that fits your
    particular needs.

Most people don't think twice about the locks on their homes, but one small
problem can turn into a larger inconvenience. Example: A key that doesn't turn  
smoothly can break off in the lock and leave you locked out. Don's can come out    
and fix those small problems before you are locked out or before the
             expense gets even higher.

  • Keys are hard to turn.
  • Door won't latch shut without force.
  • Door doesn't unlock every time.
  • Some keys work but other copies of the same key don't.
  • Locks seems loose on the door.
Convenience is important for most people in todays busy schedules.
Don't jeopardize your security for that convenience.

  • Let Don's come out and key all of your locks alike. No need in having more     
    than one key for your home.
  • Don's can install keyless entry locks on your doors so that you don't have              
    to fumble with keys when your hands are full or when its dark outside.

Unsure what you need? Don's Mobil Lock Shop can come out and give
you a free security estimate. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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