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Access Control

As a business owner or manager you want your
employees to have access to your business, but
you may not want them to just come and go as they
please. Why not have Don's install an access control
system that will let you decide who and when
someone can enter.

  • Keypads
  • Card Swipe
  • Biometric
  • Proximity Readers
  • Buzzer / Intercom Switches
  • Remote Entry

Along with security an access control system offers you convenience.

  • We can send one our specialist out to help you design the perfect system for your
    company's needs.
  • We can set up a rent to own agreement allowing you to pay for the equipment without
    having to worry about having all the money upfront.
  • No more having all the locks changed when an employee leaves or a key is lost. (You can
    just delete that employees code or card from the system.)
  • No more messing around with heavy key rings that have too many keys that all look the
  • Be able to set up timezones allowing only certain people access at certain times.