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CCTV Systems

Whether you are trying to catch someone in
the act, or just trying to detour someone, a
CCTV system may be the perfect option for
your home or business. At Don's we can
work with you and help you design the
perfect system to fit your needs.

Camera Types

  • Hidden Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Box Camera
  • Infrared
  • Day/Night
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • IP Cameras


  • Vandal Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Dome
  • Discrete


  • Stand alone
  • Video Capture Cards (turn your computer into a recorder)
  • Discrete

Different systems can have special functions to help get the most from your cameras!

  • Interface with your Access Control system.
  • Interface with Point of Sale system.
  • Record Motion Only
  • Sound Alarms
  • Be able to view remotely from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Take still images from the video to give to law enforcement.
  • Record Auto